Welcome to Zmaj (Dragon) ćevapi place

About Us

„Zmaj“ (Dragon) ćevapi place are a winner of the „2009 Golden Crown“ for quality of products and services, as the best ćevapi place in the Balkans. This award is presented by the Association of hotel and restaurant entrepreneurs of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Zmaj ćevapi place located in the Sarajevo settlement Hrasno was opened back in 1986. It was a small place with a seating capacity of only 12 seats. Thanks to the quality of products and services and a longstanding tradition of Aljević family, Zmaj is now a well recognized Bosnian brand. The owner Dževad Aljević explains that the place offers Sarajevans, as well as numerous guests from around the world, various kinds of grill specialties.

Zmaj now owns a full meat processing facility, a proprietary recipe for grill meat and the whole process of grill meat processing and preparation, just like back in the 80's, is not performed without the presence of the owner Dževad Aljević.